Will Your Next Member Survey Help You Do This...?

Will Your Next Member Survey Help You Do This...?

Now is the time to be checking in with your members using a well-crafted member survey. But before you hit the "send" button, here are 3 questions for you: 

1) Does your survey give you the information you need to evaluate your members' concerns and challenges? Does it allow you to connect your "solutions" with their "pain points"? 

2) You offer your members a variety of programs and services. Can you identify the ones that are having the greatest impact on member satisfaction (the key drivers)?  

3) Do you know the characteristics of your members who are your biggest fans (your promoters) who are singing your praises versus those who are likely to let their membership lapse? 


We've conducted a lot of member surveys. We’ve taken this experience and created an approach that we call Association MemberMonitor™.  Over the years, it has been tested and refined. 

•  It’s a survey methodology that includes unique questions geared to evaluating the challenges and problems your members are experiencing. It’s your association’s “look down the road”. 

•   Our analytical approach allows us to identify the key “drivers” that impact member satisfaction and likelihood of renewal. 

•  We have developed a segmentation strategy that identifies the characteristics and attitudes of members who are association “promoters” versus “detractors”.

•   It’s a survey system that readily allows for updates on key measures.  


An Association MemberMonitor™ report will give you the answers to these questions:

•  How do we best allocate our resources?

•  What programs and services need to be introduced, enhanced, reduced or removed?

•  Do we retain or rethink our member value proposition?

The end result…higher member attraction and retention, greater member satisfaction and engagement. 

If you think your member survey could be improved, click on this link to learn more about Association MemberMonitor web page. 

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