Member Insights That You Need Now

Member Insights That You Need Now

Clearly the past year has been incredibly difficult for all of us. But my guess is that you've risen to the challenge and have been able to deliver valuable programs and services to your members.

Now it's time for a quick check in with your members. What are their frustrations and headaches right now? What challenges do they see on the horizon? Do you have "solutions" for their "pain points"?

What I’m recommending is a short, tactical survey that will give you the information you need right now to help your members through the remainder of the pandemic. It’s a way for you to move forward by “looking down the road” rather than “looking in the rear-view mirror.”

We've conducted a lot of member surveys. We’ve taken this experience and created an approach that we call Association MemberMonitor™.  Over the years, it has been tested and refined. 

•  It’s a survey methodology that includes unique questions geared to evaluating the challenges and problems your members are experiencing. It’s your association’s “look down the road”. 

•   Our analytical approach allows us to identify the key “drivers” that impact member satisfaction and likelihood of renewal. 

•  We have developed a segmentation strategy that identifies the characteristics and attitudes of members who are association “promoters” versus “detractors”.

•   It’s a survey system that readily allows for updates on key measures.  

Click on this LINK and you will be taken to our Association MemberMonitor web page. There you will learn about our approach that has been developed and refined after years of conducting member surveys.

Once you’ve had a chance to review Association MemberMonitor™ give me a call at 905-465-3578 and we can talk about next steps. 

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