Now is the right time for a member survey

Now is the right time for a member survey

We are entering the fifth month of unprecedented disruption. How are your members doing? Have you checked in with them?  

Here are some sample questions you can use for that conversation. Collect this information now so that it can serve as a benchmark for future research.

1) What new approaches are you taking to keep your business/organization on track? 

2) Have you found new ways to operate?

3) What are your top concerns / challenges?

4) What is your level of optimism /confidence? 

5) How long do you think it will take to regain your footing?

Here's another question for you to consider. Do you have a sponsor who would be interested in knowing how your members are doing and would financially support this research?

Here are four reasons why they will want to support you.

1) It gives them the opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership, engage with your members and create good will that will transfer into business opportunities. 

2) Sponsors can help shape the research and ask their own set of proprietary questions.

3) Sponsors will receive multiple exposures across a variety of platforms such as print, your website, social media and webinars. 

4) The sponsor can be an active participant in the research including commenting on the results and interacting with industry experts in a webinar setting.

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