Topical "Hot Button" Issues

Topical "Hot Button" Issues

“Hot Button” surveys typically relate to issues that have a broad impact on an entire industry or profession such as changes in legislation or trade policy. This represents an opportunity to track awareness, response and best practices around dealing with these changes.

Question areas for a "Hot Button" survey might include:

•  Awareness of the new legislation/policy

•  Perceived impact of the legislation/policy on the industry/profession

•  Planned response to change and timeframe for your response

•  Impact on your business

•  Outlook in the upcoming year (Optimistic vs. pessimistic)

Special topic surveys can be sent out several times during a period of change. For example, with legislative change we might consider sending out the survey when the legislation is first announced and then following its implementation.

Sponsors are typically organizations that have a service or product affected by the legislation and wish to provide thought leadership in their market.

Once again, survey results (and sponsor recognition) can be promoted in a variety of ways such as in print, white papers, roundtables, webinars and conference presentations. 

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