Business Confidence and Industry Outlook

Business Confidence and Industry Outlook

Are your members confident or concerned about their business future? What are their growth strategies? How will they deal with risk?

Survey topics include:

•  Outlook for your business in the upcoming year (optimistic vs. pessimistic)

•  Revenue expectations

•  Key challenges/constraints to growth

•  Biggest areas of opportunity

•  Growth strategies

•  Activities planned over the next 12 months e.g. hiring staff, purchasing equipment

These surveys have the greatest value when they are repeated on a regular basis, usually annually. This creates valuable trend data.

Sponsors can come from a wide spectrum of product/service categories. Typically, they will want exposure to a broad range of member segments.

Survey results (and sponsor recognition) can be promoted in multiple channels such as white papers, roundtables, webinars and conference presentations.

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