The Ultimate Guide to Conducting Online Member Surveys

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Bramm Research specializes in research for trade and professional associations. We conduct member satisfaction/engagement surveys, compensation and benefits research, benchmarking surveys as well as assisting associations in the creation of knowledge products using survey data. 

Our team has a depth of research experience that spans the world of personal, individual interviews to large, quantitative online surveys. We pride ourselves in bringing this experience along with our creative flair to each project that we work on. 

Satisfaction/Engagement Surveys - Today's association members are multi-generational with unparalleled opportunities to connect and access information. To remain viable an association must have a clear understanding of their members and the benefits they seek. We have developed a method to quantify member engagement and identify member activities that correlate most strongly with that engagement. 

Compensation and Benefits Research - We excel in conducting salary surveys. This type of research introduces some interesting challenges and we have developed a series of techniques to help us address these issues. 

Benchmarking and Best Practice Surveys - Within a given market we collect detailed information, for example, compensation and benefits, marketing tools being used, spending levels and key financial ratios. Results are tabulated in a variety of ways so that an individual report buyer can compare their own results and procedures to similar operations. Importantly, we create a "best-in-class" category. Typically this relates to consistent profitability but may include other relevant measures. 

Knowledge Products - We have successfully developed and executed a number of surveys that we describe as "knowledge products". Knowledge products provide information that will help members/stakeholders in their decision making efforts, for example, industry outlook surveys, awareness and actions taken based on new legislation, and benchmarking/best practice surveys. Importantly, these surveys provide the opportunity to generate non-dues revenue. 

Call us today to see examples of our work and to discuss how these ideas could be a benefit to your association.

The Creation of Research Based Knowledge Products

Associations are adept at providing information to their members in a variety of ways e.g. seminars, conferences and newsletters. However many associations miss opportunities to provide their members with very specific “knowledge products”.  This information can be crucial to helping members overcome key challenges and aid in their decision making.  Whether it’s assembling key statistics or summarizing and analyzing new legislation, knowledge products help position the association as key industry knowledge brokers. As well, this information can provide a source of non-dues revenue, attract new members and retain current members.

One type of knowledge product that we’ve had considerable experience developing is in the area of benchmarking/best practice surveys.  Our reports can offer association members comprehensive data on all facets of their operations and allow them to compare their results and procedures with other similar firms.    We examine issues related to compensation and benefits, human resources, training, marketing and billing rates to name just a few. As well, we break out the results to include a category of “consistently profitable” firms.

Here are examples of recent reports:

Salary Survey of Supply Chain Management Professionals
Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine - Demographic and Practice Survey report
Canadian Private Fleet Practices Benchmark Study
Canadian Interior Design Benchmarking & Best Practices Survey
Canadian Architectural Practices Benchmark Study

Member Engagement Research

Member engagement is a popular topic but there seems to be little agreement on a precise definition. Nor do we seem to know how to identify the key drivers of member engagement or the relative weight or importance of these key drivers. If we could zero in on the one or two key contributors to engagement then we could focus our limited resources on those elements.

We have developed a way to quantify member engagement and to identify member activities that correlate most strongly with that engagement. Armed with this knowledge, it is possible for an association to focus on activities that impact engagement and ultimately member retention.

As well, once we know the key activities that drive engagement, we can configure our association management software to track activity in these areas. This gives us an "early warning system" to zero in on members who are at the low end of the engagement spectrum.

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