From Research to Revenue

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From Research to Revenue.

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In a quest for new sources of revenue, market research is a proven revenue generator and positions a publication as the premier source of the business information.

There are two primary ways in which research can be used to generate revenue:

  • Through sponsorship opportunities
  • The creation of high value reports that can be sold to readers

Sponsorship Opportunities

Conducting sponsor supported research gives a publisher the following opportunities:

  • A chance to approach an advertiser with a unique opportunity
  • Sponsor can ask their own set of proprietary questions
  • Reprints of article can be made available for the advertiser
  • Report can be made available on website for an extended period

Here are examples of sponsored research that we have conducted:

  • Business outlook or attitudes towards a specific topic
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Evaluation of a product/service/company

Using Research to Create High Value Reports

There is an opportunity to generate revenue by conducting the following types of surveys and making the findings available to readers:

  • Industry Trends and Estimates
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices



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