Our focus has traditionally been research in vertical/niche markets. For example, over the past few years we have conducted projects with architects, carpenters, farmers, high performance computer users,  insurance brokers, lawyers, logistics professionals, otolaryngologists, podiatrists, retirees and truckers.  This work has ranged from large, quantitative online surveys to one-on-one personal interviews. Following are some recent projects. 

Professional Carpenters
A series of focus groups to examine brand perceptions of major tool manufacturers. As well this was an investigation into the buying process, purchase influencers and media habits. Results were then quantified in an online survey.
High-Performance Computing Users
An online survey amongst North American companies that use high-performance computing in their manufacturing process. The survey examined buying habits and perceptions of major software and hardware manufacturers.
Telephone and online interviews amongst a highly specialized branch of the medical profession. The goal was to determine their response (e.g. proscribe or refer) when a patient presented specific symptoms.
Investment Advisors
An online survey conducted amongst the advisor network of a major investment firm. The goal of the research was to investigate the performance of the parent firm on a variety of attributes. This was a multi-year survey.
Small Business Owners
A one-on-one, in-depth telephone survey designed to examine perceptions of various banking services and brands available to the small business owner.  Also an investigation of alternative services that might be appealing and motivate the owner to move their bank account.
Company Employees and Engagement
A combination of online and paper surveys designed to examine employee engagement. Our engagement surveys obtain a measure of overall engagement along with attitudes towards the work place within a number of separate dimensions. Using correlation analysis we determine the key drivers of engagement allowing the company to zero in on key factors that will improve engagement.